Boho Cozy Wrap

So many ways to wear the Boho Cozy Wrap

I am taking a step away from the original idea of this blog to post my first ever crochet pattern! I have gotten such lovely feed back from all my friends on Instagram and in the Crochet Fanatics group on Facebook I have decided to share it here. For free!

I was inspired to make this blanket poncho, ruana, wrap, shawl, cozy thingamabob by sweaters I saw in the window of Abercrombie and Fitch. I knew I wanted to make my very own! It really is so cozy to wear and can be worn so many different ways! it would look especially nice with skinny jeans and boots but, I am not so fashionable and don’t wear those. I am going to wear it with everything.

This is a very easy, beginner friendly pattern. I used Bernat Super Value Stripes yarn in Jungle Green. I was really surprised by how much I liked this yarn! The colors are beautiful and it feels so soft. The price was a huge plus as well. Each skein has 264 yards and was only $2.79 at my local Meijer (a grocery store). I think this will look wonderful in solids, tweed, or longer striping yarn as well. Actually I don’t think it would look bad in any yarn!

I sure hope you enjoy this pattern and give it a try! If you have any questions or issues I would be more than happy to help! If you do make your very own I would really like to see how it turns out. Share on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #Bohocozywrap You can find me on Instagram asΒ KnittedGnome The pattern can also be found On Ravelry where you can easily share yours!

Look how pretty these colors are!!
Look how pretty these colors are!!

Supplies Needed:

Approximately 1,650 yards of worsted weight yarn. For me this was just over 6 skeins of the Bernat Super Value Stripes

J 10-6mm crochet hook

The only stitches needed are chain and HDC (US) or HTR (UK)

Finished size is 64 inches long and 48 inches wide. I am 5’2″ and it is roomy on me. If you are much shorter I would suggest using fewer stitches. I think you could be a fair bit taller and have it still fit great.

I think this is my favorite way to wear it.
I think this might be my favorite way to wear it!

Boho Cozy Wrap Pattern:

Chain 142

HDC into second chain from the hook. HDC across chain. Turn, chain 2 and HDC into same stitch and the rest of stitches across.

Continue with HDC for a total of 49 rows or approximately 24 inches.

Row 50 HDC 70 then chain 72 to create the split. You are working no stitches in the remaining 70.

Work HDC in the second chain from the hook, across the chain, and then down the previous row.

Continue with the HDC rows for 50 more rows and end.

The first row after the chain (both times) is a bit fiddly but I think all starting rows are. I crochet over my ends as I go so I only need to weave the starting and end ends in. Not so sure that is the best way but it’s how I do it!

A close up of the split.
A close up of the split. This has room for improvement.
The finished Boho Cozy Wrap!

32 thoughts on “Boho Cozy Wrap

  1. Beautiful work, simple pattern, easily worked.
    Can’t help thinking that this would be perfect opportunity to use fountain hdc or fountain single crochet for both the starting and the additional fire the other half of the split.


  2. I love this pattern and I can’t wait to finish my first run through.

    The directions seem very easy to follow, but I am curious about the size. From what I can tell from my chain 142 at the beginning of it is making something that will be 48 inches long instead of 64 inches. I am using worsted weight Caron yarn and a size J hook. Am I reading the pattern correctly? Is the original chain 142 supposed to be the length?

    I am making this for a person who is 5’7 so I would really like for the length to be a bit longer.

    Thanks in advance


  3. I saw some Ruana’s at our local Cracker Barrel. My husband bought one for me. So soft and warm, but not too warm. My 8 year old grandson came for a visit. My Ruana disappeared. He took it to bed with him and was wearing it the next day. Now he wants me to make him one. Thank you for posting your pictures and the pattern.


  4. Wow that looks great. My oldest daughter has tasked me to make it for her cold walk to the printer at her office job. Very creative. I am going to use the foundation chain for the first chain because for me that makes a uniform starting point otherwise I make beg chain to tight. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Love this pattern. My adult daughter is always cold so this would be great to make for her for Christmas. Thsnk you for sharing the pattern. β˜ΊπŸ’žπŸ’“


      1. I crochet a bit tight so my starting chain is 242 an I chaining 120 to make the split? I’m a little confused sorry. I love this pattern and am making it for my daughter


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